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How to Select the Best Multi-Combination Driving Course When Upskilling Your Commercial Truck Driving Career

There are several driving licenses you can acquire in Australia, from light rigid (LR) and medium rigid (MR) to heavy rigid (HR) and heavy combination (HC) licenses. However, none are as advanced as the multi-combination (MC) driving license. But why should you take courses for an MC license? With this license, you can drive any vehicle, from advanced heavy combination units, towing two or more semi-trailers, to road trains.

However, it's imperative to note that training for an MC license is more rigorous and challenging than other categories. That's why taking the proper MC training course is crucial. Read on to learn how to select an MC driving course when upskilling your commercial truck driving career. 

Consider the Trainer's Qualifications 

Before picking the ideal MC driving course in any truck driving school, you must assess the trainer's qualifications. Choosing unqualified instructors means you won't be equipped with the necessary skills for driving multi-combination vehicles. Therefore, consider asking about the instructor's experience and their success rate. 

Another excellent way to learn about the suitability of trainers offering MC courses is by reaching out to their former students. For example, consult experienced drivers handling combination vehicles or check reviews to learn more about potential instructors. Apart from the instructor's suitability, ensure that the school you want to choose is accredited, licensed, and has appropriate training equipment. 

Inquire How Long the Course Takes

In most cases, MC driving courses are short since trainees have already passed through the HR and HC driving classes. However, reputable driving schools offer reasonable course lengths for the best training outcomes. Apart from the course duration, inquire about the length of each training session. Generally, most institutions will have a minimum training period before students can sit for the final competency test. 

It would be wise to pick driving schools with reasonable course durations to ensure comprehensive coverage of training courses to enhance your skills. However, avoid excessively long training sessions that will only cause unnecessary fatigue and lack of concentration. 

Determine Course Flexibility 

Lastly, you must determine the MC driving course flexibility level, especially if you're running a tight schedule full of other commitments. Furthermore, ask whether the driving institution allows trainees to change the driving program. 

For example, can they allow you to postpone or defer your lessons, and whether there are any penalties for doing so? Additionally, inquire whether the institution offers online classes and if you can take your courses outside regular working hours.