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Heavy Rigging Driving Course FAQs

A heavy rigid (HR) driving course is the first step to becoming a truck driver. However, many people do not know much about this licence class. Below are some HR licence FAQs to help you understand this licence. 

What Is An HR Licence? 

It is a permit that allows you to drive vehicles with at least three axles and tow trailers with a maximum GVM of nine tonnes. This licence can be upgraded to a heavy combination or a multi-combination licence if you wish to drive larger trucks.  

Who Qualifies For An HR Licence? 

You qualify for this licence if your C licence has lasted for two years or more. You must also undergo an eyesight test to determine whether you have visual impairments that could affect your driving ability. Moreover, you must declare short or long-term medical conditions that could impair your judgement while operating the truck. These include alcohol addiction, epilepsy or dementia. You will also need proof of identity when making your application. Ideally, applicants must be English speakers since the course material is in English. 

How Do You Prepare For The HR Driving Course? 

Your first agenda would be booking an HR driving course at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). When choosing an RTO, assess the competence of the instructors. After all, you would want to learn from the best. Do you intend to drive an automatic or manual truck? Most RTOs offer both options. Moreover, you could be trained in a truck of your choosing if it meets the RTOs requirements. 

Consult with people who have an HR license to acquaint yourself with the course material. Alternatively, you could consult the Internet to learn more about HR vehicles. These interventions help get rid of anxiety during your first class. Besides, they give you the upper hand in class. 

What Should You Expect During Training?

The HR driving course consists of practical and theoretical elements. The theory aspect trains you in the fundamentals of HR truck operation. For instance, how do you identify an HR truck? What are the different engine options for HR trucks? What safety protocols should you observe when driving HR trucks, and what special traffic regulations should you observe? During practical lessons, the instructor takes you around the HR truck to acquaint you with its operating principles. They then train you on how to drive the truck. For instance, you learn how to hill start, use the side mirrors, brake, turn and reverse the truck. You will take a test to determine your competence before receiving a licence.