Forklift Training FAQs

A forklift training course is a requirement for people who wish to attain a forklift operator's licence in Australia. Most people who plan to take this course often have a lot of queries regarding the application process and what to expect during training. Below is a piece with some forklift training course FAQs.  Who Qualifies For Forklift Training? Anyone above 18 years of age qualifies for forklift training. You will also need a unique student identifier and prove competence in the English language.

How to Select the Best Multi-Combination Driving Course When Upskilling Your Commercial Truck Driving Career

There are several driving licenses you can acquire in Australia, from light rigid (LR) and medium rigid (MR) to heavy rigid (HR) and heavy combination (HC) licenses. However, none are as advanced as the multi-combination (MC) driving license. But why should you take courses for an MC license? With this license, you can drive any vehicle, from advanced heavy combination units, towing two or more semi-trailers, to road trains. However, it's imperative to note that training for an MC license is more rigorous and challenging than other categories.